The Khamsys Centre has a number of high quality Serviced offices available for short or long term lease; we provide a fully inclusive service which provides modern contemporary office furnishings, broadband.



The world of business is changing and expanding in new and exciting ways. At Khamsys Centre for Professional Development, Business Administration students develop specialized skills in business fields and improve their ability to communicate, think independently and thrive in the workplace.



Graduates should qualify for a variety of entry-level jobs in banking and finance. Also available are employment opportunities with insurance, brokerage and mortgage companies, and governmental lending agencies. Education


Event Hub

We host educational related events for Government institution, NGOs and Private Organizations.

Cooperate Training

We offer a variety of different programmes to cater to different abilities, interests and needs. Become a leader with a course in Business. Achieve vital IT skills with Computing. Explore the tourism and travel industry with Tourism and Hospitality. Become a health care professional with a Health and Social Care course.

Coperate Training

Career Development

Graduates of Khamsys can specialize in system administration, networking, technical support, computer programming, web development, database administration, software development,IT security and many more...


Scholoarship support application

Khamsys partners with various institutions abroad and agencies to help their students compete in the world market by providing scholarship support to outstanding students for various countries. We also help students seek admission to various universities across the Globe

  • Greece
  • Russia – Rudn university
  • China
  • Malaysia
  • Based on the following criteria:Academic Scholarships typically use a minimum Grade Point Average or standardized test score such as the ACT or SAT to select awardees.