Fsast-paced and exciting field that requires savvy with both computers and people. Its emphasis on networks of all kinds--from professional to electronic--means that the best professionals are good at thinking on their feet and open to learning new things. Whether you’re looking to make over your career or embark on your first IT job, you’ll go farthest if you play to your strengths, take time to get certified in the correct disciplines, and apply to companies with professional grace. The program is divided into the following themes of the program:

  • HNC High National Certificate)
  • for a Duration one(1) year. and
  • HND(High National Diploma)
  • for a Duration One(1) Year

    Course Structure and Modules

    • - The Internet and E-Business
    • - Programming Concepts
    • - E-Business
    • - Networking
    • - Information Systems
    • -Computer platform
    • -Database Design
    • -Project Design and Implementation
    • -Procedural Programming
    • -Networking Concepts