Spectacular Fireworks (Aug, 1936)

Spectacular Fireworks


IN creating fireworks, if the experimenter will usually don't forget that he is coping with explosives that could pop off at any moment, and consequently workout routines continuous caution, the various spectacular night displays outlined inside the accompanying write-up aren't any more unsafe than playing with matches. panerai replica swiss At all times, care has to be exercised in grinding the components. Normally use a clean mortar; often powder every single chemical separately; when mixing, dump the necessary portions on a sheet of dry paper and use a wooden spatula, or gently rock the contents in the paper back and forth. While the author is only fifteen years old he has been making fireworks for many years and has not but had one of them go off accidentally. The formulas contained within this post have all been attempted and tested, and can be located to function completely.

Aerial Maroon To make a mortar, fill a 5" by 1" cardboard tube at the very least 1/8" thick and to the depth of 1/2" with plaster of Paris panerai replika . When dry, punch a hole within the tube big sufficient to accommodate a salute fuse, just above the plaster.

Two types of propellant may well be used"either flashlight powder or rifle powder. (See note at finish.) To create a shell, use a tube 2" higher using a diameter slightly less than that in the mortar. Seal towards the depth of 1/2" with plaster of Paris, leaving by way of the plaster a hole massive sufficient to accommodate the kind of fuse utilized in roman candles. When dry, spot 1/2" of flashlight powder in the shell.

To make the flashlight powder: two components potassium perchlorate (NOT potassium chlorate) and 1 component red phosphorus. Fill rest in the shell with plaster of Paris; when this can be dry, spot it, fuse-end down, on a spoonful of flashlight powder inside the mortar. Pack a wadding of paper around the best with the shell.

If you usually do not want to prop up the mortar with bricks, paste a cardboard disc around the bottom on the mortar.

American Beauty Bomb Use an 8" by 1-1/2" mortar and five spoonfuls of flashlight powder propellant.

To make the shell, use a cardboard tube 3-1/2" high, the diameter slightly significantly less than that of the mortar. Paste a cardboard disc on one finish with the shell. Fill the shell with this compound: 1 element sulphur, 2 parts powdered charcoal, three parts strontium chlorate, mixed with shellac to type a paste panerai watches replica .

Place the shell in the mortar, sealed end up. Add paper wadding.

Aurora Rocket Fasten with wire an 8" x 1" cardboard tube to a wooden stick 48" extended, and fill the tube with plaster of Paris to the depth of 1"; leaving inside the plaster of Paris a hole 3/4" in diameter. Run a fuse by means of this hole; and pack paper about it to secure the fuse. On top with the plaster of Paris, spot the following compound for the depth of 4": two components of potassium chlorate, 1 part sulphur, three components powdered charcoal, two components powdered emery. Then add plaster of Paris for the depth of 1" leaving through the middle a fuse hole in which to run a black-powder fuse. Add 1/2" flashlight powder, then 6 "Star-balls."

To make the star-balls, mix with shellac, to type smaller balls, 2 components potassium chlorate, 1 element sulphur, 1-1/2 parts powdered moth-balls, 1 component powdered iron.

Add 1" plaster of Paris.

Battle In the Clouds Place flashlight powder propellant for the depth of 1" in any size mortar. Location on best two rolled-up strings of Chinese firecrackers, and add paper wadding replicas panerai .

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