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    Khamsys Center is a dynamic Higher Education institution in Bijilo, The Gambia offering students and seasoned professionals a complete range of high quality globally recognized qualifications. Our career focused programs provide students with the knowledge and skills required to ensure a smooth transition from the classroom to the workplace. Our mission is to develop each student’s abilities to the full in order to produce outstanding professional and enterprising people for business, industry and professional careers.


    Reason to believe

    Be more than you are

    What we do

    Whether you are just starting on the path towards a profession,
    looking to re-enter the workforce or wanting to switch careers,
    Khamsys's program provide work force training to meet international standards,
    your professional needs as well as opportuinity to nurture your talents
    and reach your full intellectual and creative potential; enablng you to take control
    and change your socio-economic standing and that of your families, impact your communities ad the world!.

    "Why study at Khamsys"

    Choosing a place to continue your studies is an important decision Whether you’re returning to full or part time education after some time in the workplace, looking for work, raising a family, or starting a new course having recently left school, you should be confident that the institution you choose is right for you.

    Here Are Five reasons To Choose Khamsys:

    Smaller groups, less people in classrooms.
    Khamsys teaches students in smaller groups than other universities and colleges in The Gambia, with normally fewer than 40 students in a class. This allows for students to get individual support and guidance from their tutors.
    Khamsys has friendly and supportive staff.
    All Khamsys staff are approachable; they are there to help you develop to your full potential.
    We're in a great location
    Different progression routes
    Khamsys offers students a variety of progression routes into Higher Education.
    We've got excellent facilities

    Khamsys center has well-equipped classrooms, lots of computers,
    a very large student common room. All students at Khamsys have access to a world-class facility with computers and internet.
    In addition to the e-library and large common rooms, the Khamsys Centre has nine presentation rooms, ergonomically designed with ample space for maximum comfort.

    Reason to believe

    Be more than you are

    Meet the founders


    Professor Muhammadou M.O. Kah

    Founder and Chairman



    Dr. Jainaba Kah

    CEO and Founder


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